Expanding Anonymous Tipping

Expanding Anonymous Tipping


The purpose of EAT is to provide a way for blowing the whistle against corruption through a guaranteed anonymous and secure mechanism provided by GlobaLeaks.
EAT aims to promote a whistleblowing culture and ultimately contribute to a lower level of corruption and empower civil society.

It is a two-year project developed by civil society organisations from the top 10 countries with the highest level of corruption in Europe, according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, and funded by the European Commission.

EAT will allow private and public sector organisations to implement GlobaLeaks and choose between 3 separate secure and anonymous submission models; MODEL A in which the submitted disclosures will be sent to an officer of the beneficiary organisation; MODEL B which involves the responsible EAT partner who will be notified of the submission and MODEL C with an external and parallel channel associated with a media organisation.

About the project

  • By providing whistleblowers with a technological guarantee of anonymity, EAT will expand the power whistleblowing can exert in the battle against corruption, and because EAT is implemented by non-profits in conjunction with journalists, EAT also brings to the anticorruption table civil society and media. 
  • By evolving the technology, EAT will improve functionality of the tools which assist law enforcement and managers ensure employees comply with anti-fraud regulations and violators are caught. 
  • By helping filter incoming reports to separate the wheat from the chaff, EAT will help recipients avoid overload and disappointment.
  • By analyzing anonymized data about reports, EAT will improve managers’ understanding of the role whistleblowing can play in the anticorruption fight.
  • By marketing the reports mechanisms, EAT will expand awareness about the availability of reports lines and their use and help prevent fraud by a perception of increased probability of exposure. 


EAT dropbox instances are provided by GlobaLeaks.

GlobaLeaks is an open source and free software that allows the creation of secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing platforms.

Whistleblowing can be secure and easy

GlobaLeaks is designed to be user-friendly and customisable, while protecting the security of a whistleblower and their submissions by default.

Many use cases, one software framework 

More than 300 projects use GlobaLeaks worldwide. The list of adopting organisations is vast and includes independent media organisations, activists, public agencies, corporations and more.

Open source

This whistleblowng software is free and open source and uses the AGPL license. It is empowered by an open community of users and volunteers who work together to constantly improve the software.

Who uses GlobaLeaks? 

Public Institutions

Private Sector