About the project

  • By providing whistleblowers with a technological guarantee of anonymity, EAT will expand the power whistleblowing can exert in the battle against corruption, and because EAT is implemented by non-profits in conjunction with journalists, EAT also brings to the anticorruption table civil society and media. 
  • By evolving the technology, EAT will improve functionality of the tools which assist law enforcement and managers ensure employees comply with anti-fraud regulations and violators are caught. 
  • By helping filter incoming reports to separate the wheat from the chaff, EAT will help recipients avoid overload and disappointment.
  • By analyzing anonymized data about reports, EAT will improve managers’ understanding of the role whistleblowing can play in the anticorruption fight.
  • By marketing the reports mechanisms, EAT will expand awareness about the availability of reports lines and their use and help prevent fraud by a perception of increased probability of exposure.