The Expanding Anonymous Tipping (EAT) Project was set up to expand the user base for secure online dropboxes, particularly within private enterprises and public institutions.

EAT was a two-year project, which concluded in January 2021. It was developed by civil society organisations from a group of countries on the EU’s southern and eastern borders that have the highest levels of corruption in Europe, according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. The Project was funded by the European Commission and you can read the final report in English and Spanish.

EAT offered private and public sector organisations a secure online dropbox provided by GlobaLeaks. Beneficiary organisations could choose between three different submission models: MODEL A in which any submitted disclosures would be sent solely to an officer of the beneficiary organisation; MODEL B, which also involved the local EAT partner who would be notified of the submission along with the beneficiary. Finally, MODEL C was an external, parallel reporting channel associated with a media organisation.

In all cases, dropbox submissions could always be made anonymously no matter which model was chosen.

All three models of dropbox were set up over the course of the Project. Further detail about the GlobaLeaks instances set up for EAT is available here.