Fanpage And The Good Lobby Partner To Allow Whistleblower To Report Possible Offenses In Full Anonymity

Fanpage And The Good Lobby Partner To Allow Whistleblower To Report Possible Offenses In Full Anonymity

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Milan, 14 October 2020 – Fanpage, a newspaper of the Ciaopeople publishing group, has joined the EAT – Expanding Anonymous Tipping project, co-financed by the European Commission and of which The good lobby association is responsible in Italy.

Thanks to this partnership, Fanpage can now collect reports of possible offenses to carry out its grassroots investigations, with the invaluable help of readers and citizens. The platform on which the reports will be collected was developed using the Globaleaks open source software, in full compliance with privacy regulations (the GDPR regulation).

“After joining the project by the Ferrovie della Calabria, we are pleased to welcome on the EAT platform one of the most important groups within the Italian investigative journalism community” commented Priscilla Robledo of The Good Lobby. “We hope that our software will be an effective asset for Fanpage inquiries and that people will trust the tool we offer. Anyone who witnesses an illegal fact that harms the community must report it, because the public interest in living in an uncorrupted society is superior. We all have to contribute because it is us, with our gestures and actions, who shape the society in which we live. We help independent journalists do their jobs and they will help us build a better world. “

In order to report the alleged offense in total anonymity, the user must download and use the Tor browser following the instructions found directly on the platform. The reports collected through the EAT / Fanpage platform will also be used to inform a work of analysis and study of the behavior of whistleblowers, in order to perfect future laws and regulations on the subject. In this regard, please note that by the end of 2021, Italy will also have to transpose, by law, the 1937/2019 directive on the protection of those who report violations of EU law.

The EAT project is currently active in 10 countries of the European Union, which share the fact that they are the top 10 in Transparency International’s 2018 Corruption Perception Index (Italy, Malta, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic). To join the project or find out more: