The 3L Whistleblowing Platform

The 3L Whistleblowing Platform

Legal Legion (loyalty) NPO announces a high secure & Tor-based platform in order to protect any whistleblower who has anything to share relative to Cypriot daily life.

Our software & hardware infrastructures allow the sources to stay anonymous and to submit sensitive information in the most secure and safe way, in the matter of data transmission as well as the management of the data, and of course, always encrypted.

Whistleblowers are people speaking up when they encounter, in the context of any kind of wrongdoing that can harm the public interest; for instance by damaging the environment, public health and consumer safety and public finances.

In terms of the law, the protection of whistleblowing is currently covered in a fragmented manner. At the moment, no more than 10 EU countries have a comprehensive law protecting whistleblowers. At EU level, there is legislation in only a limited number of sectors (mostly when the whistleblower is also an employee of that legal entity). However, as 3L we recognize and welcome the reverse trend. A 2017 study carried out for the Commission estimated the loss of potential benefits due to a lack of whistleblower protection, in public procurement alone, to be in the range of €5.8 to €9.6 billion each year for the EU as a whole. Between the debate, if the new trend is reassuring or just another political wishlist, we strongly stress that any proudly non-profit, non-corporate or non-compromised entity & team, need to take their own actions to that direction.

Deeper questions of whistleblowing, the whistleblower’s moral responsibility or about the aspect of confidentiality and civil disobedience are grounded themselves in an amoral mindset. Above any laws, constitution or system of rules, shall be the well-functioning and harmony of the State, of the People and of the Peace.

The Tor Network is an extremely useful technology, but the often illegal uses allege the Tor Network with the packaging of crimes and urban disorders. Nobody must forget that the spark of the Tor Network was born inside the U.S. Naval Research Lab (NRL). The 3L want to become a healthy inspiration for a new generation uses of the Tor Network, of the Anonymity and the other privacy tools.

We strongly believe that pure temperament of newcomers’ lawyers is the right choice to trust your story and evidence.